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Exo Terra Daytime Heat Lamp, 25w

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SKU PT2102

The Exo Terra Daytime Heat Lamp is a neodymium incandescent heat bulb designed to help create an optimal basking area in your pet reptile's terrarium. This bulb primarily produces deep-heating Infrared A (700-1400nm) and Infrared B (1400-3000nm) wavelengths, mimicking the sun and maximizing basking benefits for your reptile.

The 25w Exo Terra Daytime Heat Lamp is particularly low wattage to produce small amounts of heat appropriate to the basking needs of low-temperature reptiles like crested geckos.

This bulb does not produce UVB.

Bulb Type: T10

Color Rendering Index: CRI 84

Color Temperature: 2260K

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