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Exo Terra Digital Combometer

SKU PT2470

Different reptiles need different amounts of heat in order to be healthy — for example, what is perfect temperature for a bearded dragon is much too hot for a crested gecko. So it's very important to monitor the temperatures present in your reptile's enclosure with a thermometer.

The same goes for humidity levels. Different reptiles need different levels of humidity in their environment to stay hydrated and healthy. For example, a crested gecko needs high humidity, but a uromastyx prefers low humidity. Again, the only way to make sure you're providing enough humidity for your reptile's needs is with a hygrometer.

The Exo Terra Digital Combometer is a combination device that acts as both a thermometer and hygrometer. With a probe and a digital display, you will get more accurate information on the state of your reptile's habitat than you would by just using an analog device. It also has a programmable minimum/maximum memory setting! Install it with the included hook and loop fastener, or by simply sliding it into position on top of your Exo Terra Compact Top or Linear Fluorescent Top.

Instructions for Use:

Place the probe on the basking area or cool area of the terrarium, depending on where you want to gather temperature and humidity data. For best results, we recommend using two Exo Terra Digital Combometer devices, with one placed on each end of the terrarium to monitor your temperature and humidity gradients.

Battery is NOT included — device requires one LR44 AG13 A76 button battery to function.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is this waterproof? Will it break if it gets misted?

The Exo Terra Digital Combometer is water-resistant, but it should not be used underwater.    

2. Does this need to be plugged in? Does it only work with a specific tank?

The Exo Terra Digital Combometer is battery-operated and will work with any size tank. It can be installed with a screw, an included strip, or by sliding it into position when used in conjunction with the Exo Terra Compact Top or Linear Fluorescent Top.  

3. Does this control the fogger? Will it shut off the fogger at a specific humidity level?

This product only measures temperature and humidity. It is not a thermostat or hydrostat, so it will not switch anything on/off for you. Still, it will tell you accurate temperature and humidity levels, enabling you to take action if the levels are too high or too low.


If you don't see the answer you need here, feel free to submit your question below and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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