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Exo Terra Halogen Basking Spot 100W

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Reptiles require UVA light to stimulate activity, encourage natural foraging, and aid digestion. Regular light bulbs do not produce much UVA, and lack of it can cause illness and even death. Also, being ectothermic reptiles require heat to maintain their natural bodily functions and maintain their health.

Provide your reptile with benefits of natural light and optimal levels of UVA with the Exo Terra Sun Glo Halogen Daylight Reptile Lamp. Halogen bulbs are an advanced variation on the incandescent bulb technology. Exo Terra Sun Glo Halogen Daylight Reptile Lamp is a broad-spectrum halogen bulb designed to emit a more natural kind of light and higher amounts of UVA rays. It also offers increased levels of infrared penetration for optimal thermoregulation. One of the main factors which shorten an incandescent bulb's lifespan is the evaporation of the tungsten within the lamp. By adding a trace amount of a halogen gas (methyl bromide) inside the bulb, a chemical reaction removes the tungsten from the wall of the glass and deposits it back onto the filament, extending the life of the bulb. The higher temperatures of halogen lighting contribute to a whiter light, a higher light output, and greater efficiency.

  • Highly energy efficient broad-spectrum daylight bulb
  • Optimizes heat penetration through increased infrared levels
  • Enriches coloration through Neodymium
  • Stimulates breeding behavior and physiological well-being through UVA rays
  • Can be combined with Night Heat Lamp or Infrared Basking Spot for a 24-hour cycle

Wattage: 100w

Terrarium size: 40-75 gallon


Temperature at distance from bulb:

Light/Heat Beam: 40° - Colour Rendering Index: CRI 86 - Thermal Efficiency: 93%

Instructions for use:

This bulb can be used to provide the day part of a day/night cycle inside your terrarium. Use inside your terrarium to provide broad-spectrum daylight that creates an area where your pet can bask and obtain warmth, stimulating appetite, aiding digestion, and promoting well-being for your reptile. Can be used in conjunction with Night Heat Lamp or Infrared Basking Spot (not included) to create a complete 24hr day/night cycle.


1. What is the difference between incandescent and halogen basking bulbs? They are both used for basking?

The main difference between the types of lamps is in the composition of the glass envelope and the gas inside that envelope. They are meant to produce more visible light, they are made to last longer, and they are more energy efficient than the incandescent.

2. Which wattage should I use for my bearded dragon?

The wattage you will need depends heavily on the size of the terrarium, a 20-gallon terrarium should use about a 50-watt bulb, a 30 gallon a 75-watt bulb, and a 40 gallon a 100-watt bulb. Anything above a 75 gallon can use a 150-watt bulb but may need a dimmer.

3. Can this be used in a humid environment?

This bulb is suitable for use in humid terrariums and is also splash-proof.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, feel free to submit your question below and we will respond as soon as possible.

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