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Exo Terra Intense Basking Spot, 25w

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SKU PT2196

The Exo Terra Intense Basking Spot is a heat lamp with a tight beam designed to create a precise basking site. Concentrating the beam creates a basking area with 35% more heat and light, allowing for longer distances between the bulb and the basking spot.

This bulb primarily produces deep-heating Infrared A (700-1400nm) and Infrared B (1400-3000nm) wavelengths, mimicking the sun and maximizing basking benefits for your reptile. 

This bulb does not produce UVB.

Light/Heat Beam: 45°

Color Rendering Index: CRI 78

Color Temperature: 2480K

Approximate temperature* by distance below bulb:

  • 4 inches — 91°F
  • 8 inches — 77°F
  • 12 inches — 75°F
  • 16 inches — 73°F
  • 20 inches — 73°F
  • 24 inches — 73°F

*Based on 68°F room temperature.

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