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Exo Terra Reptile Den, Small

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SKU PT2861

All reptiles need a tightly-fitting, dark space where they can feel securely hidden from potential predators. Providing multiple hiding places in your reptile's terrarium gives them options and allows them to thermoregulate as needed without unnecessary stress, increasing your reptile's mental and physical wellbeing. However, when you forcibly remove your reptile from its hideout or cave, that can cause stress and distrust.

The Exo Terra Reptile Den allows easy observation of reptiles and amphibians while in their hideout without having to disturb them. Simply remove the rock-like cover from outside the tank to observe your pet, then place it back on the glass when you're done. This is enabled by strong magnets that hold the pieces together through the glass!

The Exo Terra Reptile Den is insulated to keep the tunnel system cooler than the ambient temperature inside the terrarium. To create a humid microclimate, place some moistened moss or substrate inside the Reptile Den.

Dimensions: 7.5" x 5" x 4"

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