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Exo Terra Reptile Vision, 26w

SKU PT2346

Did you know that reptiles have better eyesight than humans? Reptiles can see UVA, a wavelength that is invisible to humans. This adds an extra dimension of color to their world, which affects how they find food and even how they appear to other reptiles.

Most reptile bulbs are developed with human vision in mind, but the Exo Terra Reptile Vision bulb was designed with reptiles in mind. The spectrum of the Reptile Vision bulb peaks in those wavelengths important to reptiles, and as a result, reptiles will experience and perceive colors from their environment more naturally. This helps improve the living conditions and psychological wellbeing of your reptile.

This bulb is best used as a daylight bulb alongside heating and UVB lighting. The Exo Terra Reptile Vision does not produce UVB.

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