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Exo Terra Snake Bedding, 4qt

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SKU PT2766

Exo Terra Snake Bedding is a biodegradable reptile substrate made from sustainable, untreated wood. This substrate is dust free and extremely soft, making it appropriate for use even with hatchlings and sensitive species. The unique texture of the wood fiber allows reptiles to shape firm nesting burrows similar to their shelters in nature.  

The Exo Terra Snake Bedding is heat-treated to reduce bacterial contamination and to boost absorbency. It also features a high absorption rate (3:1) and dries quickly, making it best for use with species with medium to low humidity requirements.

Instructions for Use:

Ensure the enclosure is disinfected and dry. Spread an even layer (minimum 1”) on the bottom of the terrarium or tub. Spot clean the bedding on a daily basis, and completely replace with new bedding every 8 weeks or when soiled.

Note: Exo Terra recommends removing reptiles from this bedding for feeding.

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