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Exo Terra Wet Rock Ceramic Cave, Large

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SKU PT3173

Without an appropriate place to hide and sleep, reptiles become stressed, which in turn affects their appetite, health, and overall wellbeing. The Exo Terra Wet Rock hideout offers reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates a secure place to hide and sleep, as well as a moist microclimate to support thermoregulation, hydration, and healthy shedding.

The unique hygroscopic properties of the Exo Terra Wet Rock Ceramic Cave regulates the cave’s humidity and temperature in a natural way by absorbing and slowly releasing moisture from the water reservoir. Adequate air humidity levels create a healthy environment and help prevent respiratory infections. To augment this humid environment, add moistened moss.

The Exo Terra Wet Rock Ceramic Cave can also be used as an ideal egg-laying site!

The Exo Terra Wet Rock Ceramic Cave's water reservoir should be filled with water at all times to assure that the microclimate retains optimal temperature and humidity levels for your animals.

Dimensions: 7.9" x 4.4" x 4.3"

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