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Marina S10 Power Filter

by Marina
SKU A285
  • Versatile motor is submerged in the tank for ultra quiet operation and an instant start-up.
  • Adjustable to adapt to water levels of the aquarium.
  • Compact design to take up less space than standard filters.
  • Contains Ceramitek, which optimizes biological filtration to ensure a healthy aquarium.
  • Installation is quick, easy and convenient.

The Marina Power Filter for Aquariums features a unique, compact design with quick startup and quiet operation. Installation is easy with no priming required, and maintenance is simple and convenient. The filter comes with two filter cartridges: a Bio-Carb and a Bio-Clear. Both contain Ceramitek, a highly porous ceramic filter medium that provides biological filtration for a healthier aquarium. The Marina Power Filter is equipped with an adjustable flow control and includes a strainer sponge to keep smaller fish from being pulled into the filter.

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