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Zilla Jungle Mix, 4qt

by Zilla
SKU 100111303

Substrate (bedding) is an essential component of your reptile's enclosure. As well as being able to support your pal and give them something to grip as they walk (or slither), it also helps to maintain the right temperatures and humidity in their terrarium. It also enables them to satisfy their instinctive need to dig and burrow.

Zilla Jungle Mix is a soil-like blend of sphagnum moss and fir shavings, creating a wonderfully natural appearance in your reptile, amphibian, or invertebrate's enclosure. This substrate absorbs many times its weight in moisture to maintain a naturally healthy humidity levels for forest and tropical habitats. Reptiles will also enjoy this substrate's soft texture, perfect for digging and burrowing.

Zilla substrates are formulated through a process of testing with input from veterinarians. This product contains Douglas Fir, which is a softwood that contains similar volatile organic compounds to pine and cedar, which are known to cause respiratory and neurological issues in reptiles and other small animals. According to Zilla, Douglas Fir contains substantially less volatile organic compounds than pine and cedar, and should not cause health issues in your pet.

Instructions for Use:

Place at least 2" of Zilla Jungle Mix on the floor of the terrarium. Spot clean daily to remove feces, urates, and contaminated substrate. Completely replace every 3 months, or sooner if needed.

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