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Zoo Med Floating Turtle Log Brown, 1ea/LG

by Zoo Med
Coming soon

Unlike fish, most turtles are only semi-aquatic, which means that they need to always have access to a place where they can haul out of the water, bask, and rest. In the wild, turtles will bask on the pond shore, floating logs, and rocks. In your turtle tank, the Zoo Med Floating Turtle Log makes an attractive, easy-to-clean way to meet your pet’s needs!

This hollow resin log is designed to float at the surface of the water where your turtle can easily climb onto it, while adjusting with the water level. It’s weighted at the bottom to prevent rolling, and the hollow space inside provides a place where your turtle can hide as needed.

Aside from working for turtles, the Zoo Med Floating Turtle Log can be used for newts, frogs, and mudskippers.

Suitable for turtles up to 4” wide.

Dimensions: 12.25″ x 6.4″ x 5.2″

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