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Zoo Med Habba Hut, Large

by Zoo Med
Coming soon

All reptiles and amphibians need at least one place in their enclosure where they can hide out of sight as needed. When they don’t feel secure in their habitat, small animals can get extremely stressed, which leads to problems such as appetite loss and illness. 

The Zoo Med Habba Hut is a natural alternative to plastic or resin hides, cut from natural fir that is harmless to small animals. Great for use with reptiles, amphibians. tarantulas, snakes and many more!

Dimensions: 3.75″ x 7.5″ x 7″

FAQs —

How do I clean my hut?

Cleaning is simple; you will need to spray (can contain a small amount of mild dish soap or another non-toxic, multi-purpose cleaner, avoid bleach) the wood, then wipe with a gentle cloth and warm water to rinse and then let the hut air dry. Wood has a natural antibiotic quality, so it won't be as affected by germs as other surfaces but should still be cleaned if it becomes soiled.

Can this be used in an aquarium?

It is not recommended to put this product underwater, but you can use it in a humid enclosure and add moistened moss to create additional humidity as needed.

Do I sanitize this in an oven before I use it?

It is not necessary to sanitize this product in an oven before use. The Zoo Med Habba Hut has been treated to the California Department Of Agriculture specifications before we receive them. To clean them ready for use, simply rinse off thoroughly before you put them into your enclosure.

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