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Can Bearded Dragons See Well?

Can Bearded Dragons See Well?

A bearded dragon's eyesight is generally excellent; they are great at seeing things from a distance, which is why you may notice that if you drop a feeder for them across the room, they may come running to devour it. They can also see further into the spectrum of color than humans; humans use three cones for seeing color while beardies use four, which increases the number of colors that make up their vision.

Dragons also have their third eye (parietal eye), which can only detect shadows and changes of light, but this is useful for detecting predators and telling the dragon what time of day it is.

Where they fall short, however, is when it comes to night vision, dragons do not see particularly well in the dark. They also have pretty lousy depth perception due to their eyes being on opposite sides of their head, which is why you may notice them occasionally run into things or jump from heights that they have no business jumping.

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