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How Old Is My Bearded Dragon?

How Old Is My Bearded Dragon?

It can be challenging to tell the age of your dragon. Unless you know its birth date, there is no way to know for sure. As they age, it becomes even harder to estimate how old your dragon is.

A bearded dragon grows in direct correlation to the level of care it receives, so if a dragon doesn't have the correct lighting/habitat/diet, etc., that can slow its growth. Since bearded dragons only grow during their first one and a half to two years of life, a dragon who has received subpar care while it's younger will be small for its age throughout its entire life.

You can estimate how old your bearded dragon is by measuring it in inches from the point of its nose to the tip of its tail and using the information below to estimate its age:

3-4" 0 - 1 Months

5-9" 2 Months

8-11" 3 Months

9-12" 4 Months

11-16" 5-6 Months

11-18" 6-7 Months

13-20" 7-9 Months

16-22" 9-12+ Months



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