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Is My Dragon A Boy Or A Girl?

Is My Dragon A Boy Or A Girl?

Determining the gender of your dragon may help you to choose what you want to name it. There are a few ways to determine the sex of your pet; some are more reliable than others. It may take some time for a dragon to mature enough to be able to tell its gender. Some you may be able to know in the first week or so, but others may take longer to mature. When your dragon has reached eight weeks old, then you will know 100% of their gender; they will not develop any further past this age.

The most effective way to check the gender of your pet is to lay it on its front on a flat surface and gently lift its tail. Examine the base of the tail, above the cloaca, not below the cloaca. A female dragon will have one large lump in the middle, while a male dragon will have two smaller bumps on either side of the base of the tail, which are known as the hemipenal bulges. To be even more sure, you can shine a bright flashlight from the back of the base of the tail through to the front, and you will be able to see one shadow in the middle for females and two shadows, one on either side, for a male. Make sure not to bend the tail too far back while using this method, or you could hurt your dragon.

If you recently purchased a dragon you might name them only to find out that they are a different gender to what you initially thought, you can always rename your dragon or some people just stick to the name, and have a girl named Frank, for example.

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