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What Does Bearded Dragon Poop Look Like?

What Does Bearded Dragon Poop Look Like?

Monitoring your bearded dragon’s poop is an important part of its care. If you have recently purchased a new beardie, it may not poop right away due to the stress of moving but this needs to be monitored. If it lasts more than a week then there could be a serious problem.

This can also happen if you’re moving it to a new enclosure. As soon as it adjusts to its new surroundings which usually takes about a week, the bearded dragon’s bowel moments will get back to normal as long as its enclosure has the correct husbandry.

Also, during brumation, which is similar to hibernation in mammals, your beardie won’t eat as much (or at all), so it won’t have bowel movements as often as it normally would.

Here are some of the most typical bearded dragon BM’s look like:

Brown and White 

The most common bowel movement type in bearded dragons will be brown and white. the brown part will be log-shaped with the white part on the end. The white color is the urate or their pee – waste product from your beardie’s kidneys. Bearded dragons don’t pee, so urates come out with their BM.

Chalky Hard Urate

The white part should be soft. If the white part of your pet is chalky and hard, this means your beardie has too much calcium in their diet. You will need to amend your dragon's diet, either by offering less calcium-rich foods or usually by cutting back on the calcium supplements.

All White

All white poop in your dragon can mean that he/she is overly-hydrated, as the white part is urate, and this should not concern you. However if the white part Is hard or chalky or off-color then see the relevant section in this article.

Runny Poop

Runny poop means that your beardie has diarrhea, particularly if your pet is going frequently. The two most common reasons for diarrhea in dragons are diet (overhydration) and parasites (most commonly, coccidia). Overhydration is usually caused by feeding your bearded dragon too many leafy greens, fruits or horn worms. Parasite-caused runny BMs tend to be more smelly than normal, you will also notice that the poop is more of an unformed mess, compared to an overhydration runny poop. If this is the case then it needs to be treated as soon as possible since diarrhea can severely dehydrate your pet.

Yellow Poop or Yellow Urate

The yellow color of your lizard’s BM can come from red fruits but can also be indicative of liver problems that would need bloodwork to determine. However, if your dragon has off-color yellowish urates, it may be a sign that your pet is dehydrated, you will need to add more hydration to your dragon's diet.

Blood in Your Bearded Dragon’s Poop

Blood in your pet’s stool can be upsetting. However, you may want to wait for another poop or two to see if BMs normalize. If blood in your dragon’s stool re-occurs, this may be due to constipation or internal bleeding (intestinal or stomach).

In case of constipation, your beardie may also appear lethargic, lose appetite and reject their food, display pale color, and rapid weight loss. This could mean that some of the stool is stuck in their intestines, in which case a gentle belly massage and warm bath can help, along with plenty of hydration, However if it persists then veterinary attention should be sought.

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CHris - October 7, 2020

My bearded dragon recently left red poop I did see her eat a bunch of radish yesterday a few days ago I fed her some pretty large roaches to her but I mostly feed her small to medium crickets also heard that not enough water also causes red poop but I don’t yet I’ll have to wait a few days see if it continues

Reptile Supply - August 21, 2020

Hi there,
Sounds like your dragons poop is that colour due to the green bell peppers, nothing to worry about!

King - August 21, 2020

My bearded dragon poop is like a green color but yesterday I feed him green bell peppers for the first time and this morning I look and his poop is like green I wanna know if that’s okay

Reptile Supply - August 9, 2020

Hi Rhonda,
What you have described there is a classic parasite stool. The best thing for you to do would be to arrange to get a fecal exam for your dragon where they can test the poop and determine the best course of treatment, if any, for your dragon. You will need to bring a sample in for them, in most cases a sample will need to be taken from the dragon no more than 24 hours prior to the time of your appointment, if you can try and get your dragon to go on a piece of parchment paper or foil so you can easily pick up the sample and keep it from spilling out, then get it into a quart baggie or sandwich baggie, then seal and store in the fridge until the time of the appointment.

Bear in mind that you have to be careful where you source your crickets, crickets can sometimes be somewhat unsanitary when it comes to feeder insects. Which is one reason that dubia roaches are very popular as feeder insects because they are generally cleaner than crickets as well as being more nutritious.


Rhonda Sellner - August 9, 2020

My bearded dragon had an extremely runny AND noxious BM. It was almost all fluid and I even heard him relieve himself and I almost threw up. (Nice, I know.) He obviously has diarrhea. He has been eating his greens and roughly 15-30 crickets every few days. Please help!!! What should I do???

Reptile Supply - July 19, 2020

Hi Robert,
Your dragon’s stool should be a solid brown log with a soft white urate part. When the stool has turned gelatinous that can mean that the poop has been sitting in the digestive tract for a bit after a period of inactivity such as brumation. Keep an eye on the stool, and if it doesn’t improve after a week or so then it would be prudent to get checked out at the vet. It could just be a weird one-off, sometimes a change in diet can also affect their stools temporarily. As long as temperatures are correct, UVB is correct, the correct diet and enough water is being offered I wouldn’t worry too much just keep an eye on it.


Robert - July 19, 2020

My dragon has everything she needs and this morning she took her normal duty but this theme it was thick I could see food however both poop and pee looked like jelly……….? Over the winter she got sick and it affected her eyes, should I be concerned?

Reptile Supply - July 15, 2020

Hi Giovaninna,
If you notice red in their stool this could be blood, however you also need to consider what your dragon has been eating. Have they eaten anything red? Bell peppers? Anything like that? If they have it could simply be something like that, but blood is not something you want to mess around with so if it seems like there is blood in the stool then seeking veterinary attention would be your best bet. Dragons are notoriously good at hiding pain and illness so despite them acting normally something could still be wrong.


Giovaninna - July 15, 2020

hello! i’ve recently noticed red coloration in my bearded dragons poop but he is still acting normally. he is still running around the cage, eating food and drinking water. i’m not entirely sure of what to do or if i need to worry about it.

Reptile Supply - July 14, 2020

Hi Gia,
Without a fecal exam, it is impossible to know for sure, however some of the symptoms of parasites are stools that are runny and unformed and smellier than usual, if this is the case it would be worth getting a fecal exam done to check to see if parasites are present and what course of action your vet would like to take. There are other symptoms that sometimes present themselves alongside the changes in stool, these can be lethargy and appetite loss, if you notice any of these then it is more crucial to get your dragon seen but it sounds like it would be worth doing anyway.


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