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Exo Terra Analog Thermometer

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SKU PT2465

Accurately measuring the temperature of your pet's terrarium is imperative to their health and wellbeing. Without knowing precisely what the temperature is at all times, there is no way to tell whether your heat lighting is correct and going to promote healthy digestion.

Maintain the perfect temperature in your habitat with the Exo Terra Analog Thermometer for Reptiles. Featuring a simplistic design with a vivid layout and clearly labeled temperature levels. Enables you to monitor your pet's terrarium with the metric system Celcius scale or the imperial Fahrenheit scale. Simple to read and easy to install, perfect for sustaining the correct temperature to keep your reptile healthy.

  • For monitoring terrarium temperature levels

  • Easy to read and installed in seconds

  • Shows both Celcius and Fahrenheit

  • Self-adhesive backing


To monitor temperature levels in the terrarium: 1. Remove paper backing.  2. Ensure the surface is clean and dry. 3. Press thermometer firmly onto the surface.

For placing a single thermometer, find a central spot in your terrarium. Place in between the cool and warm spots, not in the cool area or the warm area.

For placing two thermometers, put one in a central location on the cool area, and one in a central location on the warm zone. Do not place near direct heat from an incandescent bulb.

Dimensions: 0.7" x 4.1" x 7"*

    *Approx. size



    1. Is the thermometer waterproof?

    It is made to withstand humid environments but is not waterproof.


    2. Can I use this for my leopard gecko?

    It can be used for any reptile, amphibian or other animals that require temps to be measured.


    3. Is the adhesive strong? Can I take it off and replace it, and it still sticks?

    The adhesive is quite strong and will withstand several times of taking it off and sticking it back on, but it will not last forever, particularly if it gets dirty.


    If you do not see the answer to your question here, feel free to submit a question, and we will answer it as soon as possible.

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