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4x2 Rock Ledge Background

SKU 4x2rlbbob
Rock Mat Add-On


Our backgrounds are made out of a high quality material that will last many years. Not made of foam.

We offer two different backgrounds. Normal and ledge. The ledge will have climbable ledges for your pet to use, and the normal is still climbable but doesn’t have a ledge for your pet to sit on.

We have two styles to choose from, you can either get the back only OR the 3-sided version that will fill the entire perimeter of the enclosure. You can also choose either our dark (black), or our desert (orange) color.

Add our optional Rock Mat for the bottom of your enclosure. It’s a much nicer and higher quality replacement to other reptile carpets or liners.

You can use Velcro, command strips, magnets,  or silicone to adhere it to your enclosure.

Return Policy: 

Only unopened enclosures can be returned at our discretion.

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