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API Turtle Sludge Destroyer 8oz

by API
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SKU 441D

Aquatic pets need their water to be as clean as possible; your pets produce waste, which will inevitably make this problem unless you use something to help. API Turtle Sludge Destroyer is a great product to use to help keep the water in your aquarium clean and sanitary.

Maintain the cleanliness and reduce the need for regular maintenance with API Turtle Sludge Destroyer Aquarium Water Conditioner. Turtles can generate lots of organic waste. If left untreated, the water in your aquarium can get filthy and smell nasty very fast. Poor water quality can lead to health problems and sickness for your turtle or other aquatic pets. Sludge Destroyer uses a super-concentrated formula made up of beneficial bacteria to break down organic sludge, debris, and waste to help clean your aquarium, eliminate bad odors, and establish and maintain a cleaner, clearer water. Simply add 1ml Sludge Destroyer per 2 gallons of water. If your tank is extremely dirty, the dosage can be safely doubled. Use weekly or during a water change and reduce maintenance. Safe for use with Aquatic turtles, newts, and aquatic frogs.

  • Cleanses your aquarium utilizing beneficial bacteria.
  • Breaks down organic waste, sludge, and debris.
  • Reduces need for maintenance and establishes cleaner, clearer water.
  • Helps eliminate and prevent odor.
  • Safe for use with aquatic turtles, newts, or aquatic frogs.



Shake bottle well to mix ingredients. Use the dosing cap on the bottle, add 1ml per 2 US gallons or add 5 ml (1tsp) per 10 US gallons of water. For best results, add weekly and when doing a water change in your tank. For faster results or extremely dirty turtle aquariums/tanks, the dosage can be doubled. Double dosage for quicker results or extremely dirty turtle aquariums .8 fl oz treats 474 gallons.

Use API Turtle Sludge Destroyer whenever doing a water change and weekly to reduce organic debris.



1. Is API POND ZYME SLUDGE DESTROYER safe to use in outdoor ponds and fountains?

API POND ZYME SLUDGE DESTROYER can safely be used in various environments, including outdoor ponds and fountains.

2. Is this product okay to use with algae eaters?

As long as the instructions are followed, other products such as algae eaters are okay to be used as well.


3. Can this be used with the filter running?

It is recommended to leave the filter running while using this product.


If any of your questions are not answered here, feel free to submit your question below, and we will answer it as soon as possible.


For more information on API, Turtle Sludge Destroyer, click here.

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