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Arcadia 100W Mercury Vapour D3 Basking Lamp

by Arcadia
SKU rsma100e26z

The D3EVO® UV-B Basking lamp has been specifically re-designed to provide essential energy for reptiles in the USA, Canada and other 110-120V areas.

The original D3 basking lamp, used and trusted by thousands of keepers can only be used in 230-240v regions. As interest in our work grew inside of the USA and Canada we knew that it was time to try and convert our bestselling SBMVL for use in 110v regions. However, we were soon to learn that it was this historic practice of converting this type of lamp, designed to be used in 240v regions to 110v that was the fundamental cause of the decades long issues that keepers using combi type lamps in the USA have been experiencing.

Arcadia is the leading producer of UVB lighting worldwide, with more reliable performance and longer lifespan than other bulbs, plus no nasty blue/purple color or flickering!

UV Index:

12" below lamp, no mesh — UVI 6

16" below lamp, no mesh — UVI 4

The basking area should be the point of highest UVI in your reptile's enclosure. Due to high UVB output, this bulb is best suited for use with high-UVB species such as bearded dragons, uromastyx, blue tongue skinks, savannah monitors, tortoises, and freshwater turtles.

Color temperature: 4800k

Instructions for Use:

Use with any standard reptile dome, installed no closer than 10" to your reptile. For best results, place on the extreme right or left of the enclosure in order to create a usable light gradient for your reptile. For terrestrial enclosures, the UVB bulb should be approximately half of the enclosure's length.

Placing the lamp above a mesh top reduces this bulb's UVB output and effective distance by approximately 30%. 

This bulb must be changed every 12 months to maintain performance.

For best results, we strongly recommend investing in a Solarmeter 6.5 to measure bulb output at the precise distance between the bulb and your reptile. This ensures maximum efficacy and reduces the likelihood of your reptile becoming under- or over-exposed to UVB.

Due to shipping considerations, Reptile Supply cannot accept returns on bulbs.

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