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Exo Terra Heat Mat, Small (8w)

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Reptiles are ectothermic ("cold-blooded"), which means that they don't produce their own body heat. Instead, they depend on external heat sources like the Sun for the heat energy that their bodies need to function properly. 

The Exo Terra Heat Mat is a terrarium substrate heater which simulates the way that surfaces are heated by the sun. This can be especially useful as a primary or secondary heat source for crepuscular and nocturnal reptiles.

Dimensions:  8" x 8", suitable for 10-20 gallons

Instructions for Use:

The Exo Terra Heat Mat permanently adheres to the terrarium, forming a solid bond for optimal heat transfer. Must be used with a thermostat such as the Exo Terra Thermostat to control basking temperature.

Place the Exo Terra Heat Mat on the extreme left or right side of the terrarium to create a temperature gradient. The mat should cover roughly 1/3 of the terrarium's floor space. Heat mats work best with a thin (1-2" layer of substrate). Terrariums with a thicker substrate layer should use an overhead heat source such as the Exo Terra Halogen Basking Spot or Ceramic Heater instead.

Place rubber spacers on the bottom of your enclosure to ensure adequate airflow around the heat mat and reduce the risk of overheating.

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