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Repashy SuperCal LoD, 3 oz

by Repashy
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SKU 99650


Captive reptile diets are often low in calcium, which can cause health problems related to calcium deficiency. When reptiles don't receive adequate UVB lighting, they can also become vitamin D deficient. Reptiles that don't get enough calcium and/or vitamin D can develop life-threatening Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD).

Repashy SuperCal LoD is a micro-fine calcium supplement powder with low levels of vitamin D — 4,536 IU/kg. This makes it a suitable regular calcium supplement for use with reptiles that have UVB lighting in their enclosure or frequent access to unfiltered sunlight, but you want to make sure that they're still getting enough vitamin D.

Repashy's calcium carbonate is mined from the Mohave Desert in California, where it was deposited 300 million years ago during the Mississippian Age as a large graveyard of marine animals. This calcium is micro ground to an average size of 3.5 microns, enabling it to stick extremely well to feeder insects.

Note: All reptiles can benefit from exposure to levels of high-quality UVB lighting appropriate to their species. It is highly advisable to provide UVB whenever possible. Browse our selection of the best UVB bulbs here!

Instructions for Use:

Dust insects by placing in a plastic bag and shaking lightly to coat insects with powder before feeding to animals. For supplementing fresh fruit and vegetables, use 1 heaping teaspoon per pound.

Refrigeration will extend freshness.


Guaranteed Analysis:

Moisture max. 6%

Calcium min. 30%

Vitamin D 10,000 IU/lb


Calcium Carbonate, Vitamins: (Vitamin D Supplement) 




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