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How Often Do You Feed a Bearded Dragon?

How Often Do You Feed a Bearded Dragon?

Young beardies need protein to grow and stay healthy. So, make sure
to feed your baby bearded dragon a few times a day. They cannot
survive and develop without regular nutrition. If your bearded dragon is
3 to 6 months old, you should feed it three to four times each day. If
your beardie is six months and older, however, it should have meals
three times a day. Once they are older than 18 months, you can reduce
feeding times to one time a day.

A good way to arrange your feedings is to put a fresh salad in every
morning then arrange your insect feedings throughout the day. How
many times you do this depends on how old your dragon is. It’s
important to remove any leftover salad at the end of each day.

Don’t worry if you miss feeding your bearded dragon from time to time
as the adult lizards can go a few days without eating. But if this persists
you will need to explore reasons why this could be happening and
arrange veterinary attention if it cannot be fixed at home. To ensure that
your pet is healthy, try to stick to providing food at least once a day,
every day.

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