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Is it OK to Feed Bearded Dragons Pinkies?

Is it OK to Feed Bearded Dragons Pinkies?

Yes, depending on the age of the dragon.

Pinkies are newborn mice. They are tiny and have not yet developed any claws, or teeth. This makes the mouse easily digested by adult bearded dragons; baby dragons should not have pinkies since they are too large, and they can lead to impaction.

As pinkies age, they start to grow and are called “fuzzies”. Once they have reached this stage, they are no longer suitable for feeding to dragons as they will not be able to digest the skeletal structure that has developed. Pinkies are very high in fat and protein. This makes them ideal for boosting a dragon that may need it, such as a female who has just laid eggs. Still, in an otherwise healthy dragon, feeding pinkies too often can overload its system and cause health issues such as obesity or gout. For that reason, adult dragons should be fed pinkies at most once per month.

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