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What is the Bearded Dragon’s Favorite Food?

What is the Bearded Dragon’s Favorite Food?

Beardies love live food such as dubia roaches, superworms, black soldier fly larvae, and other insects. Dubia roaches last long, are extremely easy to breed and don’t smell bad.  Also, they are very clean and don’t carry parasites nearly as often as other feeders such as crickets, for example, as long as they are sourced from a reputable supplier. Although, crickets do have softer skin but also die more easily and are known to be a more at risk feeder when it comes to giving your dragon parasites.

You can feed your bearded dragon newborn dubia roaches. They are small with a very soft exoskeleton, so they are easily digestible. You may also notice that some of the Dubia roaches are white. These are ones that have freshly molted and also are easily digestible. Bearded dragons can also eat fruit and vegetables.

Each dragon is unique in its individual likes and dislikes, so you can experiment with finding out which foods your dragon likes most.

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