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What Should I Do If My Bearded Dragon is Not Eating?

What Should I Do If My Bearded Dragon is Not Eating?

Sometimes your bearded dragon may refuse to eat their food. While this can be concerning, there are a few things you can try before you need to contact a vet. However, if your dragon is presenting with other symptoms such as lethargy or physical signs like weight loss or malnutrition, then you should get in contact with a vet as soon as possible. One thing to bear in mind is that dragons, like other animals, get bored of the same things, have their favorites and their dislikes. Since variety is a key part in any bearded dragon’s diet, offering them alternatives is one of the first things you can try. There are many different foods you can offer your dragon, and often you will find something new that piques their interest when it comes to both salads and proteins.

Another possibility to try while you’re trying out some new options is some kind of appetite stimulant; bee pollen is the most commonly used as it’s natural and benefits them health-wise, you can sprinkle the powder on their dubia roaches or super worms or whatever bugs you feed and even on their salads because it’s good for them it is difficult to give them too much bee pollen. There is also a product called "Salad Topper" made by Zoo Med, which works in a way similar to bee pollen but has had more success, you can buy this here. There are other appetite stimulants on the market, sometimes known as a salad dressing, but you should avoid these as they tend to be very high in sugar, which is what entices your dragon to eat them.

Veterinary attention should always be sought in the event that any of these options fail as well as if your dragon presents any other symptoms as mentioned above, appetite loss is one of the symptoms of a variety of health-related problems relating to dragons and should always be taken seriously.

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