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When to Feed Your Bearded Dragon

When to Feed Your Bearded Dragon

While adult bearded dragons can go days or even weeks without eating, young bearded dragons cannot develop and survive without proper nutrition each day. 

So, make sure to feed your juvenile bearded dragon at least three times a day.

If your pet is a baby (3 to 6 months), they should have food three to five times each day. A juvenile dragon (9-18 months) should have meals two to three times a day, but should also have an increase in the amount of vegetables in their diet. Once they are older than 18 months, you can reduce feeding times to once a day and their diet will consist of mainly vegetables but regular bugs as well.

Feed your young bearded dragon 30-90 Dubia roaches or other feeders a day. The insects should be properly sized, which typically means that they should be smaller than a space between your bearded dragon’s eyes. 

If your adult beardie stops eating (which may occur due to brumating), you should still give them water every day.

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